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There are (2) Fox Glenn Motor Inn user reviews
Woman as old as motel
November 7, 2019 - Didn't Like It
Arrived at this motel after first having to cancel the day before, but then circumstances changed, so i rebooked. I walk in to be basically told off by the old woman at desk because when i booked it online thru, THEY charge her 12% of the booking whether i cancel or not, so she rudely asked me why i didnt ring her up when i rebooked to save HER the 12%, i replied that i only was able to rebook late at night and didnt think she'd appreciate the phone call late at night. So after her rudeness, i still proceeded to pay with my debit card, while she's still complaining. My card didnt work the first time so i checked my account and i only had $103 in there, $6 short of the $109 they were charging. I apologised and just said to her that when i picked my partner up later on that i could fix the whopping $6 immediately when we both returned. She replied quite rudely, NO MONEY, NO KEY. I tried explaining again that it would be a matter of not even an hour and i would pay her the $6 i was short. Nope, she didnt want a bar to do with my explanation, so i just walked out and waited in my car to try and get the $6. I couldnt get it tho until my partner came out of his meeting. I wasnt going back in there to feel humilated by her again, so i left. 10 mins after i left, even though i showed her my account, the rude woman had tried charging my card again. I will NEVER stay at this motel with the horrible old woman running it ever. So now she can whistle for not only her precious $6 she couldnt wait an hour for, but the WHOLE price of the room!! Oh and one more thing, the way she treated me, im glad she got charged 12% twice now, she deserves it! More people should do it. Book online everyone!!!!
The Fox Glenn Motor Inn in Gympie is an A+ Motor Inn.
January 2, 2014 - Really Liked It
This Motor Inn surprised my family in every way possible. Fantastic communication, friendliness, spotless room ( love the towels ), great family price in peak season, gardens, pool so clean and tidy.we enjoyed it so much, we will be back and recommend to friends and family. Well done Judy and Staff !!
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Total Travel
July 1, 2010 - Really Liked It
Lee-Anne & Athol are lovely people, going out of their way to make my husband Scott & my stay pleasant & comfortable. Lee-Anne makes a mean meal & the breakfasts are huge. If you are passing through Gympie, make sure you stay a night or 2 at the Fox Glenn Inn, the tariffs are very reasonable. Athol has even befriended 2 local Currawong, putting on a feeding display for us in the morning. Our stay was wonderful, If we are ever back that way, we will be sure to pay them a visit.

Cheers Scott & Michelle Malanda Atherton Tablelands FNQ